The Chrome Extension lets you easily insert your personal conference line into Google Calendar events and make direct calls from inside of Gmail.

Google Calendar

When you create a new event in your Calendar, choose "Jog conference" from the conferencing dropdown, and your personal conference line will be added to the description of the calendar invite.

Call from Gmail

Inside of Gmail, you'll now see the Jog icon next to phone numbers in emails. Clicking the icon will open the interface and start a direct call to that person. As with all direct calls, your phone will ring and then you will be connected to the person you are calling. They will see your phone number as if you were calling them directly.

Call from HubSpot

The Chrome extension also powers a HubSpot integration. You can find more information here.

Call from Intercom

When viewing a contact in Intercom, you can call the person if they have a phone number listed on their profile.

Browser Calling (Beta)

If you'd like to try the beta of the browser calling feature (for conference calls only), you must first install the Chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store.  

Once installed, make sure you're logged into your Jog account, then click "Browser Calling" from the Chrome extension icon in the top right-hand side of your Chrome browser.

This will open a dialog that allows you to call into your conference line. For best results, connect headphones and a mic to your computer. 

Screen Sharing

If you have our Chrome extension installed, you can easily integrate with Screenleap to share your screen. 


View our privacy policy for more details, however some specific things to note about our Chrome extension:

  • We never have access to your email or calendar with this extension. We can't read your email or events at any time. 

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