We don't support importing audio from other sources, including audio uploaded from a phone or other device.

There are currently two options for getting audio into Jog.ai:

  1. Participants dial-in to you personal, private Jog.ai conference line

  2. You use the Jog.ai web app to dial-out in a 1:1 outbound call. 

Why Don't You Support My Favorite Conferencing Service?

We believe Jog.ai works so well because we are able to identify each speaker and use best-in-class transcription. We can do this because we control the environment that the audio is being captured in — audio quality, speaker isolation, etc.

Importing audio from means that we aren't able to provide this enhanced transcription.

We are constantly investigating integrations that would let you maintain the conference or calling service you use today, but we won't implement those unless we can guarantee transcription quality will be as good as we can provide with Jog.ai proper.

We offer a free trial so that you can experience Jog.ai with no credit card required.

(Using a CRM? We make it easy to call someone from your CRM with Jog. Check out our HubSpot integration. Using a different CRM? Let us know and we will explore adding support for it.)

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