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How do you define a call?
Anytime you have a conversation with someone else, whether you call them directly or you host a conference call.

This means if you call someone and get their voicemail, it won't count. Or if they briefly answer and ask you to call back later, it doesn't count. 

And for those times that someone misses their meeting and never joins the conference line, you won't use up a call for sitting on the conference line on hold.

Can I cancel my plan?
Yes, all plans are month-to-month - so if you'd like to cancel, let us know at least 1 day prior to your renewal date. All cancellations are effective the next billing cycle, and if you make additional calls above what your plan includes, you will be charged one final time for those calls.

Can I upgrade/downgrade?
Yes! Just contact support and we can switch you to a different plan at anytime. 

We encourage you to explore our product using the free trial so that you can fully evaluate our service. In the event you have concerns after being on a paid plan, please contact support. Usage fees may be deducted from any refund offered.

Complex billing? Team billing?
If you're interested in a discounted annual plan, paying via invoice or ACH, or setting up team billing, please contact support.


Please read our full terms and conditions for additional details about your subscription.

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