People use the capabilities of Jog in different ways – some users love being able to flag key moments, others love analyzing calls after they happen, and some just love having an accurate record of who said what. 

Over time, we've found a few things that customers love most about

Jog Helps You Focus

Since every moment is captured on Jog calls, you can worry less about taking detailed notes. This means less distraction and more human engagement on calls.

Jog Improves Self-Awareness

We often don't realize how we sound until we hear our own voices. This can be painful at times, but it's also the best way to improve your interactions and develop a better rapport on phone calls. 

Jog Learns Over Time

Jog gets smarter the more you use it. As you spend more time on Jog calls, you'll notice that not only does transcription quality improve, but it also begins to learn the names of the people you speak with often. Transcription is the Highest Quality Available

Jog's takes a fundamentally different approach to call transcription and this means you spend less time interpreting bad transcripts and more time actually doing your job. 

  • Unique tech delivers 100% accurate speaker splitting 

  • Accurate transcripts means manual and auto-dropped flags actually mark the exact moments you care about.

  • For the raw transcription (which is just one of many components that make up overall accuracy), Jog is vendor agnostic meaning we work with all major speech recognition providers to give best available quality and features. 

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