If you use Jog.ai Calling to place a direct call to someone, or host a conference, you can use our HubSpot Integration to send those calls to the Contact of the person(s) you spoke with. You'll see the call audio, notes and highlights, and a quick link to view the full transcript - all within HubSpot:

Connecting Jog to your HubSpot Account

  1. From your Jog.ai settings page, go to the Connect screen.

  2. Under the "Connect with HubSpot" section, click the button to open HubSpot and allow Jog to interact with your HubSpot account. 

  3. Once that's complete, you can check the box marked "Automatically send calls to HubSpot." 

Using the Jog HubSpot Integration During a Call

After your HubSpot account is connected, Jog will automatically send calls to their appropriate HubSpot contact record as long as the contacts are synced. To sync contacts, do the following:

  1. Make sure during your calls that "HubSpot Sync" near the End Call button is "On"

2. Click the name of the caller you want to sync. Hit "Enter" to confirm the name is typed correctly. 

3. Jog will list HubSpot contacts that might match this caller (based on name or phone number). Select from that list or click "Create New HubSpot Contact from Name"

Once this is complete, the caller will have an orange circle around the initials - this indicates the call will be synced to that contact record. 

Using the HubSpot Integration After a Call

The same process as outlined above can also be done after the call from the transcript view. 

To get to the contact sync screen, use the sidebar to go from the "Transcript" tab to the Callers tab. The just follow the same process as outlined above. 

Viewing Jog Calls in HubSpot

Any synced calls will show up in HubSpot under the contact record. From there you can play the audio back, view flags, and click to go to the interactive transcript in Jog. 

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