Hi there!

You are reaching this page because you do not have your Clearlogin setup with a Broadsoft ID.

You'll need to go into your Clearlogin user settings, select the Broadsoft Login option, and enter your Broadsoft credentials.

Clearlogin user settings can be accessed by clicking the settings cog in the top right corner:

Look for the section labeled "Broadsoft Login":

Click the expansion icon next to Broadsoft Login, to open the edit view.

In this screen, you'll need to enter your Broadsoft User ID - which will typically look like ###########@voip.evolveip.net, but may have other formats.

Then enter your Broadsoft password, which may also be referred to as your UC-One password. If you don't know this, please contact your IT Admin for assistance.

Finally, enter your Clearlogin password to confirm, and click Update.

You can go back to the main page of Clearlogin and click the Recap app tile.

If you still reach this page, please open a support request.

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