A conversation can have a variety of interesting things occur - and we help you identify and keep track of them. This could be identifying when a key word was mentioned by a particular caller, or determining the sentiment of the caller.

Moment Types


At the most basic level, a Note allows you to annotate a conversation yourself. Simply highlight a portion of the transcript, and click the Moment icon

You'll then be able to add a comment that will be visible inline.

Keyword Detection

You can define keyword groups that indicate when a particular word or short phrase is mentioned in the conversation.

By default, we provide a few common keywords, such as "Action Items", which will identify when words related to "action item, follow up, next step, responsible for, etc".

You can create your own keywords to identify in the Moments manager.


Any time a caller talks over another caller, you'll see that indicated in the transcription.

Sentiment Analysis

Coming Soon

Define a sentiment Moment to detect when a caller moves from being frustrated to being happy, or vice versa.

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